What is the
value of
your Rembrandt?

The goal of an appraisal is to determine the estimated value of a work of art. For any art object, a variety of factors will influence the work’s value. In the case of paintings, drawings, or prints by Rembrandt there are several specific issues that are of critical importance. Independent of market fluctuations, this helps explain why one Rembrandt painting may be worth $5 million and another worth $15 million, or why the price of prints can vary from a few thousand dollars to nearly $1 million. Effectively appraising a Rembrandt requires not only an awareness of current trends in fine arts sales, but also an in-depth knowledge of qualities inherent to his paintings, drawings, and prints.

If we have determined that a work is an authentic Rembrandt, then we are prepared to appraise it and offer an estimation of value. Our team of scholars, museum professionals, and auction specialists will consider, among other elements:

The condition of your art. Rembrandt’s works are now over three centuries old.

Works on paper can suffer considerable damage depending on their storage conditions.

Paintings may suffer similarly, and their condition is also affected by the quality and number of past restorations that have been performed. Whether a painting has been cut down from its original size or otherwise damaged or altered will also influence its value.

The work’s critical fortune and past attributions.

Whether a work is currently contested or generally accepted will often affect its value. A history of shifting attributions will also influence the painting’s value.

The artistic merit of the work.

Rembrandt produced an extraordinary number of paintings, drawings, and prints. As is the case with any artist, the quality of his output varied. Works of better artistic merit or of more important subjects will tend to be worth more. With paintings there is also the issue of whether past restorations have detracted from the work’s artistic merit.

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