We authenticate
Rembrandt art

At Rembrandt Experts, we are ready to perform new Rembrandt authentications as well as reexaminations of previous cases and rejected or contested attributions. Traditional methodologies for authentication, such as stylistic or technical analysis, have yielded controversial results for works by Rembrandt. We believe that the best means of building a case for authentication is via historical and documentary evidence. This research, combined with the appropriate stylistic and technical information, forms the basis of our statements on authenticity.

When a painting’s style and technical characteristics suggest it may be a Rembrandt, we can begin the necessary archival and documentary investigations. Our team of experts includes professional researchers in the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium. These scholars are fluent in Dutch, French, and German, and have access to the research libraries and archives relevant to the life and works of Rembrandt.

If you believe you may be in possession of a work by Rembrandt, feel free to contact us to discuss the process of authentication.

As a first step we will be interested in:

  • The dimensions of the work
  • Any information you have about the work’s history
  • Copies of all documents related to the work

We will perform a preliminary examination of the materials you provide and will promptly respond to you with more information on whether and how to proceed.

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